Well Meaning Social Workers and Good News

boy-828850_1280It has been a long day.  Because of a well meaning social worker who chose not to understand our situation, we had a Sheriff Deputy transport our son 100 miles to safe bed.  Safe bed is just that, a safe place for him to be, to rest, to get himself under control.

There is no reason that I could not have transported David today, but such is life.

On the plus side, our care coordinator, who also happens to be a social worker, rocks.  I can’t say enough good things about this person and the work they do on David’s behalf.  Our family would be even more lost than we already are without this person in our corner.

Today, when the transport was rescheduled outside of our control, the care coordinator went to bat and defended our family.

Today we also received some wonderful news.  On Monday afternoon, David will be placed in PRTF level care in a city 80 miles from home.  Let’s hope that this placement works long term, and that we are not discharged from care prematurely again.

When David arrived at safe bed, he said that he would rather be at home.  And that he didn’t want to go to placement on Monday.  I told him that he should have thought of that before he started all of these behaviors.

Let’s be happy that David and our family are all safe.  Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  It means a lot to my family.

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