about the blog and other allegations

Just got a phone call from Social Services/Child Protective Services again.  We would like to talk about your blog and other allegations.

I feel like I am being harassed.

These people don’t understand that, without the blog, he wouldn’t be getting the care he needs in any facility.  How hard is it to understand that?

Other allegations?  I can only imagine that they mean the allegation that I pressed his face into the sidewalk.  Which the deputy sheriff who responded that last day David was home can attest to.  It didn’t happen.

  1. There is no sidewalk.
  2. David didn’t have one mark on him.

Seriously people.  Want to me to do a what if list of the things that have been done incorrectly this year alone by the state?  I mean seriously.

I think that it is time to get an attorney.



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