Meeting with CPS investigator

I am under investigation again. For using pressure point holds on my son when I feel that he is a danger to himself or others.

Oh, and for my blog.  Because it might be detrimental to his mental health.

The blog, which our son doesn’t have access to unless he is on technology that he isn’t supposed to use has been instrumental in getting him the services that he needs.

I feel like I am being harassed by this agency.  I am not certain that I understand why I am being targeted.

Is it because I use my voice to say when people are doing things wrong?

Is it because they actually believe that I am beating my son?  Because the allegations aren’t that I am beating him.  The allegations are that I am restraining him.  That I am provoking a response.from David in order to have something to write about on my blog. That I am telling him too many times that I love him.  That I hug him.

You know what?  I would love to never write another word on this blog regarding mental health issues, regarding system failures, and advocating for mental health care.  I would love that.  Alas, that is a pipe dream.

So I have to wait a week for the investigator.  I have to wait until at least next Monday to see if “services are required” in which case, I could be listed on an “abuse and neglect” list for 10 years.

All of this.  Is detrimental to his care.  Being allowed to make patently false allegations is detrimental.  Having the social worker from CPS be so adversarial in a meeting that I felt seriously uncomfortable, and at risk of alienation.

I think that they want to shut down my website so that they can shut me up.  They will do this by discrediting me in any way that they can.

What am I missing?  What have I done that is so awful that it warrants this kind of treatment?  This kind of investigation?

I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be an investigator of allegations of abuse.  I wouldn’t want to do the job.  Where it comes to our son, our lives are pretty much an open book.  We try to be as transparent as we can with our activities so that this kind of thing won’t be an issue.