How can we change it? Relinquishing custody to get mental health care.

When I question something relating to David’s care, it isn’t me questioning you or your integrity.  In most cases, I am not questioning your company or organization policy.  I am questioning the system of care that forces archaic and anarchistic ideas on a population who doesn’t understand why things are the way they are.

So when you say “this is the way it is”, my first question is going to be one of two things…


“How can we change it?”

In most cases, there should be no need to relinquish custody to get mental health care.

Am I saying that I am against giving custody?  No.  I am just saying that it shouldn’t be the only way to get him care.  what is so magical about custody when needing mental health care?  Why does giving custody to the state grant the appearance of more or better care?

We will do what needs to be done to get David the care that he needs.



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