Anxiety – Internal Struggles with oneself

Hi, this is a post about Anxiety.

I don’t know about triggers for anxiety, but you should be aware of that before reading further if you are easily triggered.

Panic-attack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thank you for reading.

Long time no post.

Seriously though with David in the facility there hasn’t been a lot to say.  Especially because I don’t want anyone to accuse us of violating his right to privacy.  Things are as good as they can be, but then, he always has thrived in facility based care.

This post is about me.

Last night I experienced what I can only call a panic attack.  Not sure if it is anxiety driven or what, but to say it was overwhelming would be an incredible understatement.  I am better today, thankfully my bride has helped me through this with her wonderful support.

This is a first for me, and I hope it never happens again.

So for all of those who struggle with mental health, I don’t understand everything, but I do get the fear of not knowing.

My thoughts are with each of you as you read this.

I am not sure, but about 4am, I awoke with this overwhelming fear that I shouldn’t go back to sleep.  I have chronic health issues that affect every aspect of my life, so waking at odd times is not unusual for me.  The feeling that I shouldn’t sleep and fighting to get past that was horrid.  I tried sleeping in my bed, on the couch, in a chair, nothing.  I did eventually find relief in our guest bedroom, but it took a while before I found that solution.  During this period, I tried a hot shower, cocoa, and deep breathing exercises to relax.

Once I slept, I did sleep for about 5 hours.  it isn’t what I needed, but it definitely was a beginning.

As I distance myself from the experience of having the panic attack, I will write more about it.  I can say it is an incredibly personal experience.   Peace and prayers my friends.

Please, if you are going to comment, be kind.  I reserve the right to delete comments.  other than that, as always, I welcome conversation.  And yes, I am aware that there is a stigma that comes with mental illness.  I am not saying I have a mental illness, as I am not a doctor and have not been diagnosed with anything other than a depression relating to my health.



2 Responses to Anxiety – Internal Struggles with oneself

  1. My psychiatrist prescribed Vistaril on an as-needed basis for anxiety. It’s not habit-forming, doesn’t make you feel high or weird or whatever, and does have a decent calming effect. The only problem is it can make you sleepy.

    Another thing I’ve found that works for me is to distract myself. Like, sometimes I’ll call up a friend and explain I’m having an anxiety attack, and then make the conversation be about a completely unrelated subject, preferably an intellectually stimulating one, something that will take my mind off the anxiety. Once my dad and I discussed the Velvet Divorce in 1993, when Czechoslovakia peacefully split up into two different countries. If I can get my mind focused elsewhere, next thing I know I’m not hyperventilating etc. anymore.

    • I have trouble sleeping, so that wouldn’t be a bad thing. 🙂 and I know all about distrac.. oh look a squirrel.