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Pending Change of Placement

Pending Change of Placement

Change of Placement.What happens if…

David has been in a facility placement since October of 2015.  Now he is nearing the end of his time at the current facility.  Plans are to transition to another facility when a bed is available.

We wanted him to finish out the current school year in his current placement.  So placement change will come in the next 6 weeks or so.

Interesting enough, his certificate of need (insurance authorization) expires at the same time.  So this post is a what happens if… or How can Change of Placement be successful if options aren’t available?

What happens if a bed is not available and the certificate of need is denied?

The next placement is a step down from his current facility in an effort to ultimately return David to our family home.  At present, while we have had successful day passes, no one in the family feels comfortable with the idea of bringing him home yet.  And in reality, the last time placement ended abruptly without transition, things went very badly. It took a lot of tears, anger and frustration to get him back into care.

He does well in care, actually thrives in care.  Even he is leery about leaving facility based care, which says something about how he is responding to his own situation.

So what happens if there is no where for him to go?  We do have an alternate funding source already lined up for the step down facility.  So that is not the issue, but if a bed is not available and the certificate of need is denied, we could be looking at another trip through 2015.

We, and I include David in this blanket statement, want the success that he is experiencing, real or imagined success, and we can’t do that without transition.

We are worried about what this means for Davids continued mental health.  We can see success and/or failure depending on what happens next.

The State of North Dakota Budget Cuts

We are beginning to see the affects that the budget cuts are having on David’s care here in North Dakota.   As a part of his ongoing care, I am trying to determine what services will be needed in the community for him to return home.  I am all about long range planning. One of… Continue Reading

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