Failings of a Father.

Today, I write about my failings as a father.

Yesterday I wrote about an investigation that occurred into an incident at the facility where David lives.

What may have been “innocent play” resulted in an investigation.  an investigation I just learned about.

are there gaps in the system?  Hell Yes.

How could they not tell me that an incident occurred?  how could they have an investigation and not tell me?  Who was on David’s side during the investigation?  When they “talked” to him about it, did he feel safe? Did the conversation happen at the facility or in another location?

On Monday David is being moved to the another facility.

I feel like I failed to protect him. I know that isn’t realistic.  But… there it is.

I am left with more questions than answers.   and that saddens me. On Monday, I plan to take my list to the facility and demand answers.  Wish me luck.

There will be accountability.



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