Fourth and Goal –

I feel like we are in the Super Bowl.  I don’t follow football as a rule, so I had to look up the reference for “Fourth and Goal”.  To be clear, I don’t consider this a game.  David’s life, our family’s life is not a game.  We didn’t sign up for that.

David doesn’t deserve the yo-yo effect this has had on his life. 

It’s where we put it all out there and go for it as the last big play.

David is supposed to be discharged today.  He is frustrated. We are frustrated.

See, he needs support.  HE recognizes that simple fact.  He understands that he needs help to get through his day.  And furthermore, he doesn’t understand why he can’t get what he needs.  This is one spot where I love that he has a narcissistic personality. He is packed and ready.


In the end, he is being extended.

So we can continue to the fight to get him support.

Adam Vinatieri warms up during the pre-game of...
Adam Vinatieri warms up during the pre-game of Super Bowl XXXIX. The Patriots didn’t need a last second field goal, but his 22-yard field goal made the difference in the game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What the family needs is secondary to what David needs.  David needs ongoing 24/7 support.  He needs it for his safety and the safety of others.  In this struggle, his needs are the primary consideration.  I wish I could get people to understand that.

Without support, he can’t be successful. 

I think the average parent would have given up.  Well maybe not given up, but they would have accepted the first answer as the gospel and just accepted it.  I am not the average parent.  David deserves the very best fight I can give him to get him the help he needs.

I wish that people in the department understood that.  This is about David first.

David doesn’t deserve the yo-yo effect this has had on his life. 

There exists a fundamental flaw in a system that does this to children.  They do this under the guise of “what’s best for the child”  and in most cases, they are likely correct.  However, not every case can be viewed through that same lens.

So bigger picture, how can we get the system to change?   David deserves a system of care that is continuous and not just convenient for those who run it.  All kids deserve the very best care that meets their needs.  To do anything less is to fail.



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