North Dakota Mental Health Crisis

I am part of the Mental Health Advocacy Network in North Dakota.  It is a coalition of advocates and agencies that is working to change the way mental health is viewed.  To erase the stigma that comes with being mentally ill.

In this video, it so eerily describes things that mirror what has happened in our family.  It could very easily be David’s mother or myself in the role of parent, and David could easily be Garrett.  These are real people telling their stories.

North Dakota sponsored an interim study of the mental health study and that report was delivered in 2014.  Known as the Schulte Report, it spoke volumes about the crisis in services here.  Little has been done to resolve the crisis.  We continue to see services cut.  We continue to have to fight for care.  Parents continue to struggle to help their children.  People with mental illness are seeing the inside of the jails more frequently.

Where does North Dakota go from here?

A video about the mental health system in ND and one families struggle.

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