How we came to be.

People have been questioning how long the site has been around.  In actuality the site has only been here for a couple of weeks, though it has been in the planning stages for more than 6 months.  It started with our founder’s blog,  “A Father of Many”.  He blogged about championing for the rights of his family and his kids’ education.  We are moving his blog over to  Over time, it evolved to include a facebook group as well called “Carls group”.

Along the way, we met and developed friendships that allowed us to help each other with advice, a friendly ear, and/or as needed bluntness telling us how we handled a particular situation was wrong. Through other organizations, blogs and friendships a core team was developed who will author articles on this site.  Some might be spur of the moment article, others will be longer and researched.  We plan to offer product reviews and at some point maybe even a give away or two.  The key thing is that belief that we all hold which says that fathers should be just as capable of being the stay at home parent as mom’s are at being in the workforce.  Equality works both ways.

Our place is where ever our family needs us, be it the workforce, or at home.  No two families are alike in how they react to and handle their situations.   We believe that stereotyping people into a particular role is wrong.  We welcome your thoughts on matters related to fatherhood.  Currently we are looking for guest authors to help this site progressively develop into a site that parents can be proud to use as a resource.  Currently it is devoted to those fathers’ who have made the decision or are attempting to make the decision to stay at home.