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The site Dictionary.com defines parenthood as: the state, position or relation of a parent.  It further defines parent as: a mother or father. Further exploration defines those two terms.  Mother: a female parent.  Father: a male parent.

Why do we define these terms?  This article is about Parenthood.  What is parenthood?  How is it defined  in popular culture?

Other dictionaries have similar and expanded definitions of father and mother.  Such as a person who sires, a person who births, someone who begets, one who adopts or raises a child, a person whose egg or sperm unites to form offspring.

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We see and read in the news, everyday, the details of parents who kill, harm, or abduct their children.  Why?  To get at a spouse? To get at a former spouse?

It is our view that parenthood is a lifestyle choice.  That may not mesh with the thoughts of our readers, and we don’t fault them for that.  As a parent, we made the choice to donate sperm or eggs during the act of sexual congress.  During the act of expressing love for our spouse.

Parenthood is more than the merging of two strands of DNA.  Parenthood is a lifestyle choice.  By choosing to reproduce, by choosing to give birth, adopt or marry into a family, we are making a choice. Don’t want kids?  Take the steps necessary to prevent it.  Abstain from sex.  get your tubes tied, get a vasectomy.  Give the child up for adoption, or if you choose, abort.  (this is not our affirmation of abortion as a choice)

By choosing to be a parent, you are making a life-long commitment to that child.  Good or bad, it is a commitment.  If during the course of being a parent, you feel overwhelmed, ask for help.  Beg for help.  Anything.

At no time should the life of your child be considered expendable.

At no time should the life of your child become a pawn in your relationship with your ex-spouse.

For others, sometimes, no matter what the parent does, the child is in need of constant care from medical professionals.  In most cases this is beyond our control.  This is often the case for people who are parents to children with “hidden disabilities.”

Recently, we say a video report on ABC News regarding a hospital in Tennessee that has a high population of infants who are addicted to pain killers.  For more information regarding that report, click here.

Being a member of the club known as parenthood is not easy.  Raising a child should never be considered easy.  For those who are parents to special needs children, there often times is no respite.   Even when respite care is available, constant attention is paid to the child, or children, even if the parent is on an outing with other parents or adults with no children.  The child is always on their mind.  Forgive them if they seem distracted.

For those who feel that they are not ready for parenthood, yet find the induction into the club to be inevitable, you can explore other options.  Bring joy to a family who can’t join the club naturally.  We guarantee that somewhere is a family who would love to bring your child into their home.  Why not give it a chance?

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