Advocacy – A review of Wright’s Law

When we first started advocating for our children we struggled to find appropriate and significant information about what we were trying to do.  Initially, we tried to read the laws regarding special needs children, such as IDEA and Section 504.  We were lost, until we found the site: Wright’s Law.

Wright’s Law is a wealth of information relating to special education law.  It provides timely information regarding nearly every aspect of the law.  It provides examples and discussions regarding many aspects of the IDEA law.  Or optionally you can order one of the books that gives you a complete paper coy of those aspects of the site. Books are listed as:

There are other items that they sell which are just as good, but these three books should be in the library of any advocate.

The folks at Wright’s Law also author a newsletter called: Special Ed Advocate.  You can subscribe to the newsletter here.  The information in the newsletter contains a vast array of links to the Wright’s Law website as well as other places that can help advocates do what is needed in the best interest of their child.

Even if you never purchase the books, look at their website.  It is a wealth of information.  Also, nothing opens the eyes of the IEP team like having a parent place these three books on the table next to them.  Even better if there are a lot of flags that mark specific sections of the laws.

We don’t recommend things on this site that we wouldn’t put in our own library.  If you have something you think we should look at or review for other’s please comment on this page and let us know what it is.