Communication – Parents Listen Up!

I learned something last night that I didn’t want to know about myself.  My kids are afraid to tell me when they are hurting.

An example.  A child falls down, hits their head.  Not such a big deal once in a while.  Now, think about it happening a couple of times a year for several years.  Happens when you live in an area with ice.

My child, was afraid to tell me that they fell down.  They were afraid I was going to be upset with them.  I wouldn’t have been, but the fact that they are afraid I might be, upsets me.

Parents, I beg of you, make sure your child knows that they can talk to you.  It is hugely important, as one of the main people in their lives, that they be able to approach you when they are hurting.  Whether from a physical injury, or an emotional one, they need a go to person that is approachable.  The first person they should be able to consider approaching is the parents.  When they are little, it is usually no problem for them to tell mom or dad that something hurts or is bothering them.  As they become teens, and young adults, for whatever reason, we aren’t seen as approachable in the same way.  This needs to change.

I apologize to my child for making them feel like they couldn’t talk to me.  Nothing is more important in my life, than my family.   Is it possible that at a later time, we might have a talk about responsibility, depending on the nature of the conversation?  Yes, but.  And I stress this.  I will not pass judgement on my child for approaching me with a problem.

Blessings to each of you and your families on this beautiful day.


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