When I was your age…

When I was as old as my kids are right now, 10 – 18, I…

  1. Spent most of my time outside.
  2. didn’t have a computer
  3. didn’t play video games
  4. road my bike everywhere I went or I walked.
  5. did not have a VCR
  6. did not have DVD player
  7. a blue ray was a light that was caused when you arced an electric outlet.
  8. spent time on the farm
  9. didn’t carry a phone with me everywhere I went.

When I was your age, my parents didn’t have to worry as much about…

  1. Some pervert forming an inappropriate online relationship with me.
  2. Me running away from home to live the rest of my life with a strange pervert.
  3. sexting.
  4. Internet Porn
  5. high definition printers that can turn our kids into counterfeiters
  6. texting while driving
  7. video chat
  8. cyber-bullying
  9. pirating copyrighted material.

As a result of the age of technology I reserve the right to

  1. Snoop on your computer.
  2.  snoop on your cell phone
  3. snoop on your facebook, and the pages of your friends.
  4. read your email
  5. make you wear age appropriate clothing
  6. take away your access to computers. more specifically, the Internet.
  7. take away your cell phone.
  8. say that you may not have a credit card until you move out on your own.
  9. use technology in any way I can to ensure your safety.

As technology adapts itself, I reserve the right to change my rules.