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Book concept

Working on book development. Topic is: Securing your home from within Why?  Sometimes when you have a special needs child, the parent needs to lock down part or all of the house to prevent the child from hurting themselves or others. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

Off to college

Participating in orientation for our eldest daughters college enrolment. Information overload. Here is a tip: Don’t offer the participants food and drink and then take them into a room where that food and drink isn’t allowed. Also, if you have participants using assistive technology to get around, give them time to get from point A… Continue Reading

life or something like it.

Things have been kind of crazy here at the Casa de Why Not Fathers. As soon as I can process everything that has been going on, I will post about everything. I had a fabulous vacation with my eldest daughter.  Sadly, another three weeks and she  will be off to college and the next adventure… Continue Reading

A new article has been published

We recently authored an article About Parenthood. This is not a political piece.  It is a call for people to think about what parenthood means to them. Related articles Parents are happier people: Parents experience greater happiness and meaning in life than nonparents, psychologists find ( 50 Shades of Parenthood ( Transition into Parenthood… confidence,… Continue Reading

Section 2 – About a Father

In order to understand this post, you should read part 1 first. ===================== I was captivated by the lady at my side.  The one I was asked to take to the party.  Absolutely captivated. My job was a seven day a week gig delivering newspapers. roughly 2,000 papers a night.  Double that on Sundays.  So… Continue Reading

Section 1 – About a father

Thinking of my family at this late hour.  It is 1am here.  2am back home. I am on vacation and can’t sleep.  All but one family member is at home in Casa de Familia. I was working a night job delivering newspapers.  One night I happened to deliver to a business that had an old… Continue Reading

Relaxation while on vacation

Today marks day 4 of my vacation.  We toured the Little Big Horn Battlefield today.  I wish that I had no health problems. I wish that I had full use of my legs and no balance issues.  My legs work, but I don’t know from moment to moment if they are going to support me. … Continue Reading