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an interesting week plus other stuff.

Well, the staff for the mediator has been in touch with us.  We are looking at the end of July, first part of August for the meeting. Before the meeting can take place, we have to have a half hour long orientation. According to the mediator staff the meeting will take place in the Garrison… Continue Reading

Health Promotion for Persons with Disabilities – focus group

So I was invited by the North Dakota Center for Person’s with Disabilities to participate in a focus group. The purpose is to develop a tool that accurately assesses rural health care for person’s with disabilities. Health Promotions for Persons with Disabilities can be found.  it is interesting to see what they are looking at… Continue Reading

a midsummer nights update

Things are kind of rocking along here in whynotfathers land. Our youngest son is still being home schooled.  We still don’t know what is supposed to be in the Service Plan that we are supposed to file with the school district.  Our state Department of Public Instruction gave me our state century code as guidelines,… Continue Reading

Cozy Calm Weighted Blanket for Jackson’s Journey

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Jackson’s upcoming surgery. Jackson’s mama has indicated that he has major sensory issues.  They have some items to help with the sensory stuff, but feel that a weighted blanket would be of benefit while he is in the hospital next month recovering from surgery.   How can you… Continue Reading

abuse and neglect investigation results

A couple of weeks ago we were investigated re: alleged abuse or neglect of our son David. got a report today from Social Services. “No indication of abuse or neglect.”  The case is closed and will be kept on file for six months Related articles frustrations and a welfare check – followed by explanation (… Continue Reading

Foxy Matilda – A Studio30 Plus writing prompt – Don’t Ask

Don’t Ask – A Studio 30 Writing Prompt A lot of people approach Matilda with trepidation.  After all, she rides a Harley.  She carries a side arm.  Colt 45.  Most people with any sense steered clear of her. Her nickname was well earned.  They called her Foxy Matilda. It was well deserved, after all fox… Continue Reading

Mediation Request redux submitted

Well, I broke down and submitted the mediation request.  The school as you may remember requested mediation in our quest for an IEP for David that would allow him to return to public school in his home district.  I had written a rebuttal to their request. Today I listed the 20 or so people on… Continue Reading

Parents leave 2 kids bound, blindfolded in Wal-Mart lot

It was a quiet week for those of us who are constantly on the prowl for stories about the nutsy things parents do with their kids. But then along comes this one, which restores my faith in humanity. Or, rather, my faith in humanity’s never-ending ability to outdo itself in the “are-they-out-of-their-freakin’-minds?” department. A customer… Continue Reading