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Special Needs Causes – A Personal Cause – Jackson’s Journey

Special Needs Causes – a Friend Needs Me & YOU Jackson St. Aubin Scheduled for Hemispherectomy Surgery June 27 Note from Kat: With her permission, I pulled in the second post my pal Caryn posted on her site about our mutual friend Gina St. Aubin’s family and her son, Jackson, who is undergoing hemispherectomy surgey later… Continue Reading

Top States for New Dads in the Workforce

A new state-by-state analysis released for Father’s Day shows how little the nation supports and protects employed fathers when a new child arrives. The special report, Dads Expect Better: Top States for New Dads, includes an analysis of state laws and regulations governing paid leave and workplace rights for new fathers in the United States. It… Continue Reading

Behaviors and a budding hacker?

Our psychiatrist blames David’s behaviors and meltdowns on boredom. He gets upset when he gets caught.  He throws himself around.  yells, pretends to cry. Yet we keep plodding along.  we keep searching him and his things to get back the items that he steals. we search him if we take him shopping with us.  If… Continue Reading

frustration and other things that are important

the psychiatrist says that David’s behavior is because he is bored. I wonder home much of his current behavior might have been prevented if he had been allowed to attend public school. Our school district would indicate that the school they wanted to enroll him in was a public school.  And it is.  I can’t… Continue Reading

frustrations and a welfare check – followed by explanation

Well, we survived our welfare check.  Now to wait for the report and determination. I am satisfied with what I think of the visit with social services. I am frustrated with what I see as someone trying to discredit myself, my wife and our family through lies and innuendo.  By filing a neglect and abuse… Continue Reading

Welfare Check

We had a visit from the county Social Services office.  Someone made a complaint about us. the issues: clutter in our house Locks on doors and cupboards animal odor blog. I can’t be told who made the complaint.  Confidentiality applies.  I understand. I actually welcome this type of investigation or visit from Social Services.  Why? … Continue Reading