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Who’s going to provide and protect the provider protector?

We men play a lot of roles: father, son, brother, husband, friend, coach, mentor, guide. But the one role that’s at most men’s core—especially those with families—is provider-protector. It’s the way we tend to see ourselves, and the way women see us too. Part of being a good provider protector (which should be only a… Continue Reading

Stupid parent tricks in England: more outrageous punishments for minor offenses

An 11-year old boy raided the family fridge. Big deal–I’d be amazed if an 11-year old didn’t raid the fridge. But for his parents, that simple act was so bad that they made him spend every night in a tiny jail-cell of a room–concrete walls and floor, no windows (the only one had been bricked… Continue Reading

Is being an involved dad an “Act of Valor”? We’re on the big screen!

Most of today’s dads are just trying to do the best they can and don’t consider themselves heroes. But for dads in the military, being deployed changes all that. So who do military fathers turn to for advice on how to be a great dad? Well, in the hit movie, “Act of Valor,” my book, The Expectant… Continue Reading

Why Self-Control Matters and How to Get More of It

“Ask Mr. Dad” syndicated newspaper column Guest: Kelly McGonigal, author of Topic: How self-control works, why it matters, and what you can do to get more of it. Issues: Willpower is actually three powers: I will power, I won’t power, and I want power; willpower is not an unlimited resource. Too much self-control can actually… Continue Reading

writing prompt: Her Name Was Matilda – Matilda Macswain

In the southwest, on the arid plains; near the edge of the great desert, there lived a young lady. Her name was Matilda. Some called her Foxy Matilda, others, Matilda Macswain. Early days, and late nights led Matilda down the road of loneliness to that place where no one wants to be. Misery. Her best… Continue Reading

Political, anti-father correctness run amuck–the war on dads goes global

Take a look at the image to the left. It’s the cover of a popular British parenting guide that’s fully funded and distributed by the government. You’ll notice that the five adults on the cover are all women. Ah, excuse me. No dads? Hmmm. That’s annoying, but not terribly uncommon (I teach a class at… Continue Reading

The magic of questions regarding disability.

So David is in trouble.  mostly for non-compliance. What is non-compliance? It is not listening. It is not following the rules.  It is going into other peoples bedrooms without their permission.  It is deciding when you can take your medication and when not to take it.  It is deciding that you can eat what ever… Continue Reading