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A week of illness and other stuff.

It has been a rough week since graduation for our oldest. David has been in full form, so nothing new there.  On the other hand, I have decided to try to decrease the tension between the school and our family so that we can ease David back into public school.  Constant tension on both sides… Continue Reading

David and an excellent weekend

So our oldest daughter graduated from High School on Sunday.  Yep.  One leaving the nest.  Four more to go. David was incredible.  We were worried about how he would be because we had a lot of people over to the house after the ceremony to celebrate.  He was mellow throughout the ceremony, and on into… Continue Reading

Bouncy – Tigger too

David is particularly bouncy this morning.  He did sleep good last night with no nightmares for the first time in over a week, so that probaby has something to do with it.  Starting the morning with physical fitness. Then math, and if the truck is done at the shop, a social outing this afternoon. He… Continue Reading

Service Plans Part II

So earlier today, I asked the superintendent and two other people from outside the district what language and information the Service Plan requires. The Superintendent told me to ask my wife.  (my wife is a special education teacher who has never seen a service plan for an IEP that is not academic in nature. Our… Continue Reading