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The Personality and the Finger

Well, my Aspie got mad at someone in PE and flipped them off.  He had to go to the principals’ office for the rest of the class period. When I confronted the school, last fall, about the student who was bullying their teacher, and getting away with it… they said “that is just her personality”.… Continue Reading

Cleft Palette, Sensory and Anxiety disorders

My son has a cleft palette.  He also has sensory issues and we suspect anxiety issues. He misses school frequently for all of these issues. He currently has a sinus infection.  Anyone who has a cleft palette knows the issues that affect the sinus cavity.  He has a 504 on file with eh school regarding… Continue Reading

asking for help – Overcoming Fear

I am in a class right now on Leadership Development. The facilitator said the most profound thing.  Overcoming fear to ask for help is the biggest obstacle in leadership development that you will ever surmount.  No one is an expert in all things. The key is to know when the moment arrives that it is… Continue Reading

Parental responsibility? Apparently there isn’t an app for that either.

I guess it had to happen sooner or later. A group of parents who can’t seem to take responsibility for their own behavior is suing Apple, alleging that iPhone and iPad apps are too addictive. According to court documents, Apples games are: “Highly addictive, designed deliberately to be so, and tend to compel children playing them to… Continue Reading

Our Battle Field: Part Three: Bullying taken to a whole new level

I’m not sure if it’s the unseasonably warm weather (although it’s been admittedly on again off again) or if it’s something in the air, but something has been causing the citizens of our fair Cheerioville – especially in my neighborhood – to act especially crazy lately. I mean, we are talking about a whole new level… Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Give-A-Way 04/21/2012-04/27/2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Give-A-Way 04/21/2012-04/27/2012 I have partnered with Samsung Mobile in order to bring you this fantastic give-a-way. This give-a-way is for a Brand New, 16GB WiFi Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. If you are unfamiliar with the Samsung Galaxy line of devices, you can learn about them here. They are widely considered the best… Continue Reading

Our Battle Field: Part 3.5: Bullying, a letter to my local grade school principal

Dear Principal of Nearby Elementary, I’m keeping your identity and school name private as a means to protect the students of your school. Based on what I witnessed yesterday, both with my eyes and during my brief phone conversation with your secretary, I feel that someone really should think about protecting them. Clearly, it isn’t… Continue Reading

Locks, locks, who has the locks?

Well our new locks arrived today.  10 locks shiny in their packages.  all keyed alike. Now we have one less thing for worry.  What food will we find in his room today? If you need to order padlocks, I strongly recommend that you order from Why?  Service.  I ordered the locks on Tuesday.  (After… Continue Reading