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Join the Lost and Tired’s Community #Autism Support Forums

Lost and Tired’s Community #Autism Support Forums   Here at Lost and Tired, my goal is to actually help people by presenting them with our real life experience as parents to three boys with #Autism. While our situation may be different from yours, we are all on the same journey. Something else we all have in… Continue Reading

Family Dynamics & Autism Benefit & Teleclass Series with Eustacia Cutler

Teleclass Series with Autism Advocate about Family Dynamics To Benefit The Temple Grandin, Eustacia Cutler Autism Fund Wellness Talk Radio announced their Family Dynamics Teleclass Series begins April 12, and continues with classes on May 3, May 10, and May 17, with Eustacia Cutler and Wellness Talk Radio Host Kris Costello. Interested applicants need to register and pay… Continue Reading

Yet another example of how divorce affects kids

This sounds like something out of a bad movie plot, but apparently it’s true.  A 12-year old boy in Brisbane, Australia was having such a hard time coping with his parents’ divorce that he tried to kill his new stepmother by lacing her toothpaste with peanuts in an attempt to trigger a deadly allergic reaction.… Continue Reading

One Dad’s point of view – A Rant for Special Needs “Parents”

The Dad’s Side of Cafe Life, and Another Reason Special Needs “Parents” Rule Note from Katrina: This is the first of, I hope, many posts here at the Cafe by my other half, Jim. You’ve heard of him fleetingly here and there in other posts at the Cafe, but never directly. You’ll learn more about Jim… Continue Reading

my friend – Stan

My friend Stan could be difficult at times.  Never was there a more self-deprecating man.  On the other hand, his complete and utter faith that he would be greeted by Our Lord and Savior was refreshing, and I admit at first, off-putting. We had a disagreement a few weeks ago over his job.  He was… Continue Reading

When Real Life Isn’t Pretty – 30 Days of Autism Awareness

Reacting to Opinions About Our Real World – A Different Kind of Autism Awareness The first moment I knew our real world wasn’t the one I was promised was moments after delivery, when a nurse whispered, just loud enough for me to hear, that there was something wrong with my baby’s eyes. A month would… Continue Reading

blessings and victories

David is really blessed to have such a great team looking out for him. From therapists, to psychiatrists, respite providers to mentors, he has an incredible team of people looking out for his interests. It is nice to know that we can count on these people to support us when we tell the school that… Continue Reading

snacks snacks and more snacks

Because of his high metabolism, David requires frequent snacks.  We do fresh fruit, canned fruit and baked goods.  The baked goods are more reward snacks than regular snacks. The dog was munching on a snack today.  Turns out he is getting his treats from David’s room.  Sure enough he had a whole box of Little… Continue Reading

a new therapist

David has a new therapist.  We met her yesterday.  Very abrupt lady.  Just what David needs, as he hasn’t been wanting to listen and stop having negative behaviors. David has OCD.  So we talked about his stealing electronic gadgets.  After she got done with his session we talked about it.  According to her, he knows… Continue Reading