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alls quiet on the western front

Things are good today. I am exhausted for some reason probably related to my Lupus and fibro.  But otherwise things are good.  David is behaving himself quite nicely, and playing one of his spelling games.  I challenge him to create 4 letter words instead of three letter words.  So far he is exceeding my expectations.… Continue Reading

how do you do it each day?

Each day moves forward without prompting. We start when the rest of the kids leave the house.  8am – four kids off to school. 8:30 breakfast and clean up 9:00 play time 9:30 exercise period 10:00 study math 10:30 break 11:00 spelling lessons 11:30 – 1 lunch 1pm grammar and reading. 1:30pm. done for the… Continue Reading

Houston, we have a successful launch

While we didn’t launch any rockets today, it was none the less, a success.  Why? Well, David got upset because one of the sibs didn’t want to play with him.  We have a rule, that when a sib calls David’s name a certain way, then David has to stop what he is doing and come… Continue Reading

Homeschool help and more

As we wait for the Facilitated IEP to be scheduled, we are homeschooling David, our youngest.  There are numerous websites that can be used to help facilitate the education of your child. Two of the better sites: (I remember watching these when I was a kid, so was very happy to… Continue Reading

Giving Hearts Day – Happy Valentines Day

As we celebrate this heart day with our loved ones, we need to remember that there are others who are less fortunate than ourselves. I am on the board of directors for an organization that assists families who need hope.  The organization is called Family Voices of North Dakota.  Would you consider giving 5, 10,… Continue Reading

Our school made the news – an Update

Last week you may remember that I wrote about our school district being on the news.  Here is the original post Today I received a response from the reporter. The story was not meant to be offensive to you or your family in anyway. The incident was only mentioned to let viewers know that bullying… Continue Reading

calm seas on the prairie before the storm

Well, in 25 minutes the rest of the kids will be out of school for the day.  And what has been a quiet interlude for my youngest and I, will turn into a storm. Why? It seems that as soon as his siblings get home from school, a switch is flipped and he is determined… Continue Reading

facebook and my pre-teen

Well, my pre-teen has signed up for a facebook account again. What to do… ? Well, we did a couple of things. reset the password add a second email to the account. (whenever he tries to change the password, I get notified.) the only way he gets to use the account is if an adult… Continue Reading

Medications, bane or beneficial?

Medication to control ADHD, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses can be both a benefit and a bane to the children who take them. Our son, born addicted to illicit drugs, has had zero chance to function without medications modifying his affect. What does this mean? Simply put, without medications, he has little hope of… Continue Reading