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go go Gadgets, off to the races, get your motor running

Well, our David is going, going, gone… he has been running around all morning.  Still going, trying to get him to settle down. Meds are not working just now.  So gave him his lunch medicine and some lunch, we will see what the afternoon brings. When he can’t get settled, it makes homework impossible.  Well… Continue Reading

I didn’t create this video, I am just sharing it here.  Having a child with Autism, I could not imagine what their life would be like if they cou;dn’t speak to us.  Listen and watch one non-verbal child’s amazing story. [youtube_sc url=”” title=”Autistic%20girl%20speaks%20through%20typing%20on%20laptop.%20″ autohide=”1″] Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

flies, cows and pissed off about a concussion

There is a saying… “It only takes one fly to annoy a cow…” So, back in September 2011, my daughter sustained a concussion when she hit her head on the boat dock at the lake. With the latest concussion due to the assault last week, it could be weeks before she recovers.  Currently she is… Continue Reading

thoughts, squares and ideas

So I spent Friday and Saturday attending the Partners in Policymaking sessions that are being offered in our states capital.  It was amazing.  We spent Friday afternoon developing vision plans for the next five years.  We did this with the help of a wonderful facilitator named Jenn.  Allin all, the whole class had a few… Continue Reading

Today, tomorrow, yesterday

I am in class today, Partners in Piolicymaking. If you advocate for yourself or anyone else, you really should see about enrolling in Partners. I was reading a quote today, “You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.” – Charles Ketterling The way I see it is our… Continue Reading

a most magical, amazing day and other stuff

Today was incredible.  Limited arguments from the youngest. By limited, I mean less than 5.  Very nice day. Spent some time working on household chores, dishes and what not.  Laundry can wait a day.  Seems like it never ends anyway. Setup my sewing area in the living room.  While it would be nice to have… Continue Reading

they requested what?

So today, in the midst of the chaos of trying to figure out what the best path is for my family, I got a call from our state Department of Public Instruction.  (DPI) A couple of days ago, I mentioned on my blog that I was submitting a request for a facilitated IEP to the… Continue Reading