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Day 2 the evening. ~ frustrated

Well, everyone is home with our son and I.  Five kids plus my wife and I.  Our son seems to be content with pushing as many buttons as possible all evening long. Time-outs aren’t working.  Quiet time isn’t working. He just wants to push push push.  Every one is getting frustrated. I wish that they… Continue Reading

Day 2 ~ Much better ~ or Butterflies and more.

Day two started out very well. No eruptions or complaints. Got a call from the psych nurse regarding missing the blood draw yesterday. She was very grumpy. I understand that there is a protocol to follow with the blood work for his meds, but what can I do if the people who draw blood are… Continue Reading

Day 1 – a recap

Today started out rough.  Bad mood on his behalf.  Once we got the siblings off to school, he was fine.  Spent the morning playing and looking for the homework pile that mom put together for us. Never did find it. In the afternoon we went into the city for an appointment for me.  Grandpa was… Continue Reading

Post Comment Change Implemented

We changed the method for post comments to our blog posts.  You should now be able to use your facebook login to post comments.  This means that you won’t have to create an account in our site to post your thoughts.  Unless you want to. Let us know if you have problems submitting comments. Thank… Continue Reading

Day 1 – 5am wakeup

Good morning friends. Our son is excited about something, he has been up since 5am. Doing his level-headed best to wake up the rest of the house.  It is now 3 hours later and he is trying to push buttons as fast as he can.  Just trying to remain firm, and keep my head about… Continue Reading

>A new day

>Starting tomorrow, we will be home-schooling our youngest until which time we can get the public school in our district to accept him and his disabilities. Anyone know anybody associated with the ACLU? How about the NAACP? The reason I ask, is because my son’s civil rights have been violated. He is diagnosed with a… Continue Reading

>IEP’s and Frustration

>Had an IEP meeting for our youngest. He is scheduled to be released from the residential facility next Tuesday. At the meeting, the school gave us our options. 1. Public School – either in our community or a neighboring one.2. another day treatment program that is 50 miles away from our home.We talked it over… Continue Reading