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>a Staff meeting for our son.

>had a meeting about our youngest child’s return to public school.  As soon as we started talking about it, the principal piped up and said “public school may not be the best place for him”.  the principal was pissed off that my wife and I refused to let a consultant for the school district sit… Continue Reading

>an incident in school.

> my 12 year old, who has high functioning Autism, was provoked with pinching and name calling on Friday to a point where he struck another student. the other student was his best friend. They have an on and off relationship. my son knows it isn’t right for people to fight like that. He also… Continue Reading

>1 year — a look back

>It has been a year since I started this blog and its corresponding facebook group. So much has happened. Little did I know that M’s initial attack on his teacher would develop into 2 further attacks, 3 hospitalizations, probation, and a placement in a residential facility.  As a result we are exploring our legal options… Continue Reading

>A Home Visit

>M is coming home for a four day visit next week.  We are so excited.  We will have staffing at the residential facility where he lives, and then participate in family therapy.  After that, we will be bringing him home with us.  Then Sunday, we have to take him back.  We will be planning to… Continue Reading

>heart events

>had another heart event.  doctor tried to tell me it was just indigestion.  If that was the case, why did the nitro take away the pain in my chest?  plus, he gave me a script for nitro tablets.  if it was indigestion he should have given me something for that instead.  scary, this is the… Continue Reading

>a moment of brilliance

> Every once in a while, not often mind you, but once in a while I am struck with flashes of brilliance. When I talked to the psychiatrist this morning, I complained about how people were requesting records for our son from the hospital. Interesting thing happened then. She pulled up our son’s file and… Continue Reading


>went to physical therapy yesterday, left with a walker.  blood pressure was a bit high as well.  the therapist said it feels like my legs are getting weaker instead of stronger.  continuing weekly visits for now, may increase to twice a week if improvement isn’t shown. yuck. on a side note, talked to the staff… Continue Reading

>psychiatrist updated

>I talked with our son’s psychiatrist and updated her on his progress.  She thinks that he will be sabotaged if he goes back to his old school, which I agree with.  So we are advocating for a change in schools. I will homeschool him before I will let them mess him up again. She is… Continue Reading