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>testify – Legislative Council – Autism Bill

>Going to testify about the emotional, mental and fiscal costs of an Autism diagnosis today with a team of three other people.  Promises to be an interesting day.  I don’t mind talking to people.  I do mind, if they don’t pay attention to what people are saying.  don’t give us platitudes. Wish us luck. 🙂… Continue Reading

>Partners in Policymaking

>So I had my first session of Partners in Policymaking.  I think it will be a fantastic opportunity to learn how to be a better advocate for myself and others.  A lot of information was given out in a short time.  7 sessions left. each session is two days in length. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

>decision regarding the abuse and neglect complaint

>Somehow the abuse and neglect complaint was decided without talking any witnesses.  The decision is that no services were required, because no evidence was found to substantiate that claim.  I guess it is ok to lock a child with mental heal issues in a room with furniture and other things such as scissors which he… Continue Reading

>Staffing session for our Child

>Well, today we had staffing for our son.  As I have posted before he is in a residential facility right now learning behavior management among other things.  The staffing includes such people as myself, the mentor coordinator, the program coordinator, the therapist, psychologist, nurse, partnerships care coordinator, family inclusion therapist, our son, and today we… Continue Reading


>I am a member of an online support system for people with fibromyalgia.  It is incredible to be able to communicate with other people who have this condition.  I wish that there was one for Lupus.  The only thing that is not good is that I am the only man.  the other members and I… Continue Reading

>Life and other things

>Well, I was informed today that my medicaid will have a deductable of nearly 1500 dollars starting next month.  seems that the 31k a year my wife gets teaching is too much income for medical assistance in a family of 7.  I had a sleep study two weeks ago, and another one next week.  Get… Continue Reading

>new opportunities?

>So I was in Denver this week doing a Title V Block Grant review for the Department of Human Services Region VIII.  It was an incredible experience.  I learned so much about what the state level has to go through in order to get funding from the federal government. In the process, I shared a… Continue Reading