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Identity issues

Since David’s placement I have experieced something of an identity crisis. For a long time our lives were all about him.  David did this. David did that. David needs to see his psychiatrist. David needs a different med. David assaulted so and so. David poisoned the dog. David took.  Somedays I am lost without him… Continue Reading

assault reported by David

I received a call from David’s teacher.  evidently he was being offensive and sent to time out.  When he didn’t stay, they took him back. He threw a chair at his teacher or one of the staff, and then headbutted someone.  In addition to his threatening to kill them, he also was kicking and hitting.… Continue Reading

Upcoming feature – Newsletter

Starting January 1, 2013, (yes we know, it is hard to imagine) we will be adding a newsletter to our blog.  If you would like to sign up for it, you can sign up when you leave a comment on any page. Per request, our email list will remain private, and will never be sold/shared/traded… Continue Reading

Placement sometimes feels wrong..

Is it wrong for me to have moments where I relish the concept that David is in placement? Today for example.  My bride and I went to see David and spent two hours visiting him.  Afterward, we went out for supper and then we went shopping.  When David was at home, we never would have… Continue Reading

First visit with David

He has been a resident since October 3rd.  Today we had our first visit.  It went well, we were able to see him for two hours.  We played a couple of board games, and then watched a show on tv. He is as energetic as ever. It breaks my heart to see him happy there. … Continue Reading

Behavior Dependent – Holidays

David has been in placement for 6 weeks now. His behavior and aggressiveness toward others are not diminishing, thus they are not recommending any home visits.  We will reevaluate for Christmas.  This is as I expected, however it doesn’t make my heart hurt any less for him.  Does he miss us? I don’t think so. … Continue Reading

Now is the time to come together.

When I started this blog, I swore that I wouldn’t post a lot of political commentary. That said, I view this as more a philosophy than a commentary. ============= An election is over.  Well over 1 billion US dollars was spent on the Presidential Election alone.  Right or wrong.  That is the reality that we… Continue Reading

all in due time

With David out of the house 99.9 percent of the time, the other kids are coming out of their shells. I think one of the hardest things is having to call upstairs two or three or four times to get their attention.  Most of that is because they are teenagers and have teenage things on… Continue Reading

I have an idea about boxes.

I am thinking about starting a second blog.  one that uses boxes as a metaphor for diversity in disability. just as no two kids with autism are alike, neither are two kids with cystic fybrosis or epilepsy. What do you think? For it to be successful, I need lots of stories.  Stories about you, your… Continue Reading