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caring for the caregiver

One of the things that I struggle with, indeed I struggle daily, is keeping up with my own health while caring for my family.  Mostly caring for David, because much as it pains me, the other kids pretty much have things covered unless they need something. No longer am I the dad who gets things… Continue Reading

Don’t read this post

I have received flack about my writing. From many sources. Why? Because I am causing my son a lifetime of pain and misery by writing about his situation. Really? Do you think that I have not struggled with what I put out here?  I mean seriously.  If the worst thing I wrote about was the… Continue Reading

On Gun Control – Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder Funding

Gun Control Rarely is there a more hot button topic than gun control. Every time there is a shooting in our country, people start the roar of support for gun control. What follows is my personal opinion about gun control. In our home, we have had guns.  The key word is had.  With David in… Continue Reading

Good morning.

Good morning.  How about an angry tantrum to start your day? David starts school today.  As a result he seems to want to get the whole days attention in the half hour before he gets in the car that takes him to school. He is now accusing us of child abuse because we have to… Continue Reading

Informal Adjustment Conference aka Juvenile Court

Today we received notice of a conference with a Judicial Referee regarding two of the charges that David has accumulated this summer.  The others include multiple charges of unruly, forgery, and theft of property. I shared it with David, because until now he seems to think that he is immune to action against him for… Continue Reading

Interruptions – Interruptions – Interuptions

One of the more difficult non-violent behaviors that we deal with everyday is David’s incessant need to put himself into any conversation taking place. If Mom and I are in the kitchen talking, he will be hiding around the corner listening in, because we “might be talking about David.” If I say that I am… Continue Reading

when it rains, it pours

Ah, the old cliche.  When it rains, it pours. Did you know that this phrase hearkens back to an advertisement from the Morton Salt company? This evening, when Mom called to let us know that she was on her way home from work, David started acting up. I now know why. See, he stole an… Continue Reading