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trying something new part II

In trying something new, I described efforts we were undergoing to change how we respond to David, and how we let him affect us. Yesterday, we were given an added tip or coping mechanism. Laughter.  When angry we should laugh more, because it is difficult to be angry while laughing. On one hand, I think… Continue Reading

911. Out of control child

We were blessed with the appearance of one of the sisters for the night.  David has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  The sisters generally don’t come around because of him, as is their right. So we were doing the family thing, supper.  David got upset with me because I wouldn’t let him have pie without… Continue Reading

trying to do something different

We are trying desperately to change the way we respond to David. Trying not to feed into his moods. Trying to ignore his “little” behaviors. Trying to ignore the digs and insults. Trying to ignore the “affection” he shows the pets. It is a struggle. Today, I was in the city for an appointment.  The… Continue Reading

Believing in the reason of David

As we come up on the 12th anniversary of the finalization of David’s adoption into our family, I look back on our life with him. From the first computer he ever worked on, a Compaq laptop running Windows 2000, to the many sleepless nights. I am struck by one inalienable concept. We were brought into… Continue Reading

Update — Differing Denial Letters From Ascend Management Innovations

I have been in contact with a director from Ascend Management Innovations regarding the different denial letters we received regarding David’s care. Actually, I should qualify that.  They read my blog, and then contacted me through voicemail and a comment on the blog post directly. According to the director I spoke with, a very pleasant… Continue Reading