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This Parenting Journey

I did not start out my parenting journey aware of early childhood trauma and the effects of poor attachment. I did not know that babies who experience high levels of stress, especially over a sustained period of time, have brains that do not develop “normally”. I did not know that children who have been through… Continue Reading

Seeing the good in our son.

As I have nights when I can’t sleep, I some times peruse this site to remember the things that we have gone through with David. I realize that it isn’t often that I post the good things that we go through with him. For example, I walk with crutches 95% of the time.  The rest… Continue Reading

most of 36 hours with no attitude.

We had most of 36 hours with no attitude. Attitude started this morning a little bit before mom and brothers came home.  plateaued and then escalated quickly at bedtime. David says, “I am mentally unstable, can you just take me to the hospital?” No, is my reply  So he starts pushing buttons.  In the end,… Continue Reading

Is Family Disruption Necessary in ND in Order for Children to Receive Long Term Residential Mental Health Care?

Say that I wanted to analyze the propensity of ND Medicaid to refuse funding beyond 365 days for PRTF/RTC level care. A component of this could include the psychiatrists telling parents that the best way to get the care a child needs is give up custody of their child.  In part because in the psychiatrists… Continue Reading

hope and aspirations

I think that David would make an incredible attorney. He has unlimited energy and a quest for the answer. He can ask the same question ten different ways, and about subjects completely unrelated to the question. He can hear through walls and ignore things 2 feet in front of his face. So many questions, so… Continue Reading

buttons, buttons, let’s push some buttons.

David seems intent to push all of the buttons that he can tonight. Every time he thought I was looking at him, he would ask “what?” Then he would turn the laptop he was playing a game on away. The third time he was asked, “What are you doing?” “Checking my yahoo account” was his… Continue Reading

a love letter to my bride on our 21st anniversary

My love, I perused all of the cards that I could find, but nothing caught my fancy, nor was worthy of you.  So I thought, that I would write a letter. Days before we left, I totaled your car.  Had to wake you early that morning to pay the tow truck driver his fee.  You… Continue Reading

Keys Keys Keys. We found Keys.

Well. We were cleaning out the box of the pickup so that we could fill it full of tree branches to take to the landfill tomorrow. After everything shook out we found keys to each of the pickups.  (we have 2 parts trucks, and one that we drive) Evidently David took all of the keys,… Continue Reading