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The magic number – 1259 miles

What is the magic number?  1259 miles.  Virgin, UT. That is the distance from our community to the facility that a social worker at the hospital said we should consider for David. Oh, and now, in addition to his other official diagnoses, he also has a mood disorder (not sure what that means) and “Officially” … Continue Reading

The truth about David.

We visited David tonight.  He wants to come home.  As much as we want him to come home, home isn’t the best place for him. It isn’t just the Reactive Attachment Disorder. It isn’t just the Autism. It isn’t just the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It isn’t just the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It isn’t just… Continue Reading

My breaking heart, asking for help

We put David in the hospital for a psych eval today. The hardest things I have ever done involve placing him in the hospital. Today was no different. In my reality, I want my little boy to be home, surrounded by his family.  safe. protected. In his reality, things are much different.  We are the… Continue Reading

we have tried…

We have tried inpatient, we have tried long term psychiatric care, we have tried therapists, counselors, social workers, child psychiatrists, child psychologists. We have tried law enforcement. we have tried…. there isn’t much that we haven’t tried. We have tried different ones of each thinking it might have been a personality issue. He did well… Continue Reading

Caviar dreams on a food stamp budget

We live pretty frugally.  We don’t get food assistance, other than the bi-monthly visit from the food pantry. We don’t purchase name brand products. Yet, David has this sense of self-entitlement that just blows me away. He says we don’t want him. He says we don’t love him. If we didn’t, if we don’t, then… Continue Reading