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Not every day is bad…

Today.  For example. Was pretty darn good.  David met goals at school.  Then when the weather wasn’t cooperating didn’t argue when we told him he had to stay inside. When the weather cleared, he played basketball by himself for a good hour, until it was time to come in.  When he had to come in… Continue Reading

he doesn’t care

I spent more than an hour of travel time today talking with David about his behaviors.  About the path that his behaviors are leading him down. And while it felt like he was listening and actually hearing what I was saying to him.  I realize now that he may have been listening, but he doesn’t… Continue Reading

here come more behaviors

Remember when David was at his second placement? And we couldn’t keep him in his seat at school? He is doing that again. Seeing an increase in behaviors.  Disrespect, oppositional, manic.  He is running from teachers, throwing things around the re-focus room and generally being as disruptive as he can. Yes he is getting his… Continue Reading

Every Parent of a Mentally Ill Child Has This Fear

I don’t know how it is in most families, I just know in mine, this is our fear.  That David will stop responding to his meds, and then be seen as a threat by law enforcement. Once he turns 18, we will have little ability to ensure that he takes his medications, unless we get… Continue Reading

An open letter to the House Appropriations Committee – ND Legislature

Chairman, Members of the Committee. I am writing this here, because I can’t make it today to testify in person.  I believe in the citizen legislature.  I have to believe that you will read these words. My family adopted a special needs child from our state.  When the adoption was finalized, he was court ordered… Continue Reading

Reactive Attachment Disorder – a diagnosis

Turns out, all this time I thought that David was diagnosed with RAD.  Nope. Well he is now.  Frustrating when people remove and add diagnoses without letting the family know. He has Autism, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar, AdHd,  and quite a few others.  Reactive Attachment Disorder *RAD” is now one of his Axis I diagnoses.… Continue Reading

Attention Seeking RAD

I tend to forget, and I shouldn’t. Every action is designed to get attention. Every behavior is designed to get attention. I asked him this morning, “what do you gain from this behavior?” His answer?  “I don’t know”   —————— I wish that he did.  I would much rather award positive behavior, than the negative… Continue Reading