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It’s not our fault.

Most of my readers know me from facebook.  I am in a number of groups there, and while I would love to list them all here, it would break some aspects of confidentiality for me to do so. What I see most often in the groups that I am a part of is:  “part of… Continue Reading

update – positive news

Staff called tonight. David was in a good place to talk to me tonight.  When he is manic, it just isn’t a good idea.   David addressed his concerns. Doesn’t want to be there for another 6 months to a year. Thinks that he is being lied to. Doesn’t understand why we aren’t coming out… Continue Reading

an update. close watch again

David is on close watch again.  He is under the belief that no matter what he does there, he is going to be moved to another facility. But that is not entirely why he is on close watch.  He is on close watch because: he climbed to the top of his closet and hid there.… Continue Reading

An update on the Crisis Mode.

It is midnight here at the home.  Just got a call from staff. David was taken off “close watch” at 2 pm this afternoon.  What this means is that they have loosened his keeper.  He doesn’t have someone practically attached to him.  And while he will be monitored frequently, he won’t have someone sitting in… Continue Reading

Crisis Mode – Setback in treatment

Just got one of those phone calls I dread. “We had… with David…” Tonight.  He was, in my view, manic. It started earlier when we had family therapy.  We clarified his discharge info.  He was under the impression that discharge was imminent.  When in reality, it isn’t.  And it is largely because there isn’t a… Continue Reading

David and his irrational beliefs

David. Fixates on things. So when he asked about discharge from the facility he is in, I explained that before he could be discharged, a facility needed to be identified and either restructured or added on to, in order to house a child with Autism. Evidently he is under the belief that he is being… Continue Reading

a gift of kindness and life

As a member of a number of groups on facebook, I read a lot of posts. This morning I read the post of a Grandmother.  Her granddaughter passed away. In their grief, the family, donated the child’s organs. That is kindness.  Through their loss, their tears, they saw fit to help other people. Because of… Continue Reading

Sunrise Attitude – An explanation

Sunrise Attitude.  It is a way of life.   That person that looks grumpy.  You know the one I am talking about.  Suppose they had a really bad weekend.  Someone they love is lost.  Their child was all kinds of misbehaving.  Money issues… pick one.   For some reason they are having a bad day.… Continue Reading

Home sweet home, again.

1176 miles. From home, to the residential facility and back again.  4 days. The thing about driving.  It gives a person a lot of time to think.  Ruminations about fatherhood, about things that a person might have done differently for David. I keep coming back to one inalienable truth. We did what we had to do.  Not… Continue Reading

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