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My pain today

My pain tonight comes not from my body, road weary and tired of travel.   It doesn’t come from the connective tissue illness with which I have long lived. It comes from saying good bye to David. From leaving him behind in a far off place to be cared for by others. My heart knows… Continue Reading

Pass day 2.

Well, pass number 2 is in the books.  What can I say? Another success. Since David has school and therapy during the day, I spent the day shopping for clothes for him.  What 13 year old boy doesn’t need new pants on a regular basis.  Although at 4’11” and 79 pounds, it will be a… Continue Reading

The first pass of this trip.

David has been on a plan.  This relates to behaviors they display in the residence hall.  As a result he was at risk of losing part of his pass / visit with me. I am not complaining.  My reality is that if he is exhibiting behaviors, and I am in town, then he loses pass… Continue Reading

travels with Carl

It’s me again Margaret.  hehe…   Reminds me of this old Ray Stevens classic.   So anyway.  traveling today, out to see David. We live on the edge of the Bakken oil field.  In order to get to where David is, you have to drive through a portion of the field.  It is mostly Interstate travel. Today… Continue Reading

upcoming visit to see our son for Christmas

Today, I leave for the community where our son is in a residential facility. It is 500 miles each way.  10 hours by bus.  When you have an auto-immune illness the trip takes twice as long. Frequent breaks are needed.  Lots of rest periods.  If I drive, I take it in two days with a… Continue Reading

A message of giving thanks.

I shared this on my facebook wall.  It struck me as something that my many readers may want benefit from reading. ======================================== If you are reading this, then you are in some way important to me. It is my hope that on this American holiday, Thanksgiving, that each of you have a blessed day with… Continue Reading

search functions

did you know that you can search If you search for teacher, you will get articles about teachers. If you search for Special Education, you will get articles about Special Education. For example, here are the results about Teachers. Comment if you have questions.  And remember.  Today is a GREAT day! Related articles Autism… Continue Reading

The verdict is in. Ferguson erupts in violence.

I agree with President Obama.  This is an issue for America.   It is a very real issue.   Our son is African-American in heritage.  Do I worry that some day he might be shot because of his actions?   Yes, I do.   Given the verdict that there will be no indictment of the… Continue Reading