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Explaining mental illness to the siblings.

How do you explain mental illness to a child with Autism?   Are you blunt in your explanations? Should it be explained?   In our family, we have a child with severe mental illness.  He is currently in the hospital.  At home we have his siblings, how do we explain to the siblings the depth… Continue Reading

Visited David tonight in Psych Unit.

I hate going there.  Absolutely do not like it. Spent about 2 hours with David this evening in Psych.  We watched television.  We didn’t talk. If I asked him a question, I got a one syllable response. He said he is sleeping at night. I was told that he stole a couple of telephones and… Continue Reading

David has entered the psych unit.

David has been really struggling lately with his mental illnesses.  I use plural for a reason. Today, a lot happened.  He became combative.  It took four adults to restrain this 80 pound boy.  He becomes very strong when he is on this part of his “cycle”.  Meds don’t work, calming techniques don’t work.  The only… Continue Reading

A time to seek forgiveness?

I have been really struggling this week. Struggling with my hatred for an individual I have never met. Since I have left this hatred in my heart, I believe that it is affecting my health. I need to let it go. No amount of hatred can undo the damage that was done to David in… Continue Reading

explain this to me like I am a four year old.

David, has a history of obsessive compulsive behaviors.  Especially relating to electronic devices. David takes cell phones, remote controls, mp3 players.  The people at his school knew this before he started there.  They were reminded of this yesterday.  We discussed this, yesterday.  Why then would you leave your purse or cell phone where it is… Continue Reading

Heart is breaking… for David.

Today, we participated in an IEP meeting for David.  Every time we meet, it is with the hope that good news and progress will be noted.  Today, not so much. David is evidently determining for himself when he wants to be in school.  If he doesn’t want to be there, he leaves the building and returns… Continue Reading

Who makes major life decisions

for our son? Turns out, it may not necessarily be his mother or myself. Quite frankly, it may not be the team of psychiatrists or other professionals associated with his case. It for sure doesn’t seem to be the psychiatric residential treatment center where he is a resident, or the school where he is in… Continue Reading