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Please document his actions and attitudes

David is on a track to potential discharge in March of 2016.  I won’t go in to the ins and outs of his program. I don’t necessarily agree with discharge at this point. David has been having difficulties the last two days.  And a couple of times over the last month. If his care and… Continue Reading

How can we change it? Relinquishing custody to get mental health care.

When I question something relating to David’s care, it isn’t me questioning you or your integrity.  In most cases, I am not questioning your company or organization policy.  I am questioning the system of care that forces archaic and anarchistic ideas on a population who doesn’t understand why things are the way they are. So… Continue Reading

rising costs of mental health care

Did you know that in North Dakota, it can cost $225,000.00 to have a child in a psychiatric residential treatment facility (prtf) for one year? Seriously.  This cost doesn’t include medical services.  It doesn’t include clothing.  Pretty incredible isn’t it?  In the coming weeks, Fighting for Answers will be checking with facilities in other states… Continue Reading

Visiting David

Last week we didn’t get to see David because two of us were sick. This week, I am still not feeling well, but we went anyway. He was in a mood.  Not sure why.  He wanted to play basketball, and I couldn’t.  He wanted to play badmiton, and I couldn’t.  Part of it was because… Continue Reading


I can’t fathom what people who are involved in these mass shootings are dealing with. In truth, I pray that I never know that feeling.  That I never join the gun violence club. What makes these people so angry that they would walk into an area and start shooting people? I don’t know what the… Continue Reading

Now is the time – For a National Conversation about Mental Health

Now is the time for a National Conversation regarding mental health.  With our congressional leaders in Washington, D.C., we may have difficulty getting on the dais.  Why? Because an individual presenting testimony to any committee regarding Mental Health, may not always speak to the same platform as varying members of Congress. What does that mean?… Continue Reading

No Services Required – CPS Investigation Results

This week, I learned the results of the latest Child and Protective Services (CPS) investigation. Because of allegations made by David, we believe he was attempting to manipulate the system to get to live where he wants rather than at home, there was a complaint made against me.  The complaint said that I “was exploiting… Continue Reading