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House in emotional disarray

Our house is taking an emotional hit today. His lies. When he was in the hospital last, he reportedly said that we were beating him. Child Protective Services comes tomorrow to do followup. The case worker stated “David reported that he was made to eat soap and his mom was mean to him.” The issue… Continue Reading

It was all a lie

David wants desperately to be trusted.  He wants us to believe him. On Friday, he came home from school all excited because he was voted onto the student council at his school. Today, he informs us that it was all a lie.  Nothing was true. So i have confirmation emails going out to his school.… Continue Reading

The Saboteur

Awesome day yesterday. David put in for and was accepted to be a member of the student council at his school. He met all of the expectations in his classroom. We had dinner last night without complaint or reservations. We did some outdoor stuff last night without complaint or reservation. Then bedtime happened. I don’t… Continue Reading

Mr School Van Driver

Good morning my friends.  Hope this note finds you well. Yesterday was an excellent day. This morning, David was in full on mode.  Jumping from topic to topic so quickly that we couldn’t keep up.  In the course of 30 minutes, I bet he talked about 50 different things.  When he is like this there… Continue Reading

Most Excellent

Today was a most excellent day.  We had a brief tantrum right before bed, but he had a busy day. We got up.  Had breakfast. Then.  We started in the garage.  Dug out the mower.  So that he could get started mowing.  While he was mowing where I was planning to work on windows today,… Continue Reading

the value in flaws of the mind

I talk regularly about David’s mental health.  Flaws isn’t a good word for the way he is, or why he is the way he is. Even though most days I am flummoxed by what to do with his behaviors, his mind has value. Every mind has value.  Why? With David, it is the simple things. … Continue Reading

Update: Some interesting things to note

To the people he rides to and from school with every day. David is not allowed technology.  He is not allowed technology because he has threatened to kill people via said technology.  When you hand him your phone, ipod, technology, you are opening yourself up to problems with law enforcement because of the risk that… Continue Reading

successes of the day September 8

This is a daily log of today’s successes. David was released from the hospital. He got a haircut without complaint. David and I had a fairly positive drive home. He took a shower without soaking down the bathroom. He ate supper without any complaint. After a few trials in the “chair at the center of… Continue Reading