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if I pull any more hair out, i’ll be bald

David is in full form tonight.  He is all wound up and attention needy.  Which means that he will do whatever it takes to get attention. Positive or Negative.

Now, some people say “ignore him”.

Easy for you to say, you don’t live with him 24/7.  When he gets like this the other kids hide, and everyone is just along for the ride.

So I am trying to keep him busy.  As part of that, I grant him amnesty for cleaning all of the stuff out of his play area that doesn’t belong to him.  Since he has a pretty serious issue with taking things that don’t belong to him, we can end up with quite a pile of stuff on the kitchen table.

Oh, wait, I hear his brother crying out David’s name in a way that can only make your nerves quake.  Time to mediate the fight.

If you need birth control, we will have you over for dinner one night, that should fix that problem.  In all seriousness though, even with the benefit of his many blessings, I love him dearly.  Just some days it gets to be a bit much.