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Reactive Attachment Disorder

I found this video through a group I belong to on facebook.  It explains so much about children like our son David. Not every adopted child will be afflicted with this disorder, though quite a few are.  I did not create the video.  I don’t claim ownership of the video.  I am merely sharing content… Continue Reading

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Families

Last week, someone asked me if I was David’s grandfather.  This in itself isn’t a bad thing.  In the past when people have questioned David’s parentage, I have simply said that he is adopted.  Which is true. What is wrong with the idea that a white person would have an African-American son? Or even the… Continue Reading


What is it like to live in fear? Having never lived in a war zone, or been active in a war zone, I can’t say that our experience compares to that. What I can say is this. Living day to day on edge constantly because you don’t know from one minute to the next what… Continue Reading

Generalizations, how they don’t help

We have this saying in the Autism community.  “If you have seen a child with Autism, you have seen A child with Autism.” You have seen one child.  Why one? Because no two kids are exactly alike, including twins. So why would it be any different for an adopted child? David is adopted.  David has,… Continue Reading

thoughts for today, tomorrow, the future

My goal is to raise awareness. Please, if you read my blog, share it with others. Our beautiful son is not the only child who is struggling with mental illness. There are others out there. So please, share my blog with others that we might work together to raise awareness. Awareness begins with one voice and builds steam from there. I know quite a few parents who have been fighting for their children for a long time, far longer than we have been fighting for Marc. Voice’s get tired. People get tired. So let’s rally the troops.

Mental illness encompasses a broad range of things. Each mental illness is important.

Thank you again for your support. It means the world to my family. To me. Continue Reading

National Adoption Day

Today, November 22nd, is National Adoption Day. Celebrate the finding of forever families everywhere. A message from the Dave Thomas Foundation.     Here is a link to the National Adoption Day website Here is a link to the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption A bit of history about my family. My brother and I… Continue Reading

Some times, we just have to look up.

We are trying to get David to see more positive things in himself. Right now, any time someone pays him a compliment he pushes it away.  We want to get him to be more accepting of compliments.  It also seems that when he starts doing good, he sabotages his own treatment plan.  So in theory… Continue Reading

an update about our favorite special ed teacher

Our favorite teacher, you may remember her, I wrote about her vendetta against my wife a year ago last Spring.  She doesn’t think that David should be allowed out in public school.  And made mention of the fact that he ruined her child’s first grade education…  yeah.  Her post is here. At any rate, this… Continue Reading

An update on David.

We are still here. has been largely quiet because there hasn’t been a lot to say. That has changed. David’s behavior is becoming more erratic.  The residence has undergone a med wash with him.  A med wash is where they take him off all of his meds and put him on new ones. This… Continue Reading