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This will be my final post on Lost and Tired » Lost and Tired – a farewell and thank you.

This will be my final post on Lost and Tired » Lost and Tired. Dear readers, No this isn’t me closing down my blog.  Our work isn’t yet complete.  This is a farewell to a friend in the blogging and advocacy community. ================== I have known Rob and Lizzie for almost 5 years.  He was… Continue Reading

Some times, we just have to look up.

We are trying to get David to see more positive things in himself. Right now, any time someone pays him a compliment he pushes it away.  We want to get him to be more accepting of compliments.  It also seems that when he starts doing good, he sabotages his own treatment plan.  So in theory… Continue Reading

An update on David.

We are still here. has been largely quiet because there hasn’t been a lot to say. That has changed. David’s behavior is becoming more erratic.  The residence has undergone a med wash with him.  A med wash is where they take him off all of his meds and put him on new ones. This… Continue Reading

Who makes major life decisions

for our son? Turns out, it may not necessarily be his mother or myself. Quite frankly, it may not be the team of psychiatrists or other professionals associated with his case. It for sure doesn’t seem to be the psychiatric residential treatment center where he is a resident, or the school where he is in… Continue Reading

a most magical, amazing day and other stuff

Today was incredible.  Limited arguments from the youngest. By limited, I mean less than 5.  Very nice day. Spent some time working on household chores, dishes and what not.  Laundry can wait a day.  Seems like it never ends anyway. Setup my sewing area in the living room.  While it would be nice to have… Continue Reading

>Partners in Policymaking

>So I had my first session of Partners in Policymaking.  I think it will be a fantastic opportunity to learn how to be a better advocate for myself and others.  A lot of information was given out in a short time.  7 sessions left. each session is two days in length. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading