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Compliance – Continued Medication Issues

Compliance – Continued Medication Issues

We are in week two of David’s not getting his medication as prescribed.  Thus, he is out of compliance, though it appears to be a systems issue. 

Either give him the medication he was prescribed or tell me how to fix it.  It’s not difficult.

Today, I contacted the detention unit, asked to speak to the medical person, and was transferred to him.

When I asked what the issue was, the nurse said “he is not in compliance.”

I asked, if he was refusing to take the medication, and rather than providing me an answer, he said “who is the probation worker?” (I use probation worker as a loose descriptor for the person involved in David’s case.)

I explained who we are working with, and gave the nurse that information, as well as contact information for the worker.

The nurse then said “thank you” and ended the call.

So I called and left a message for the probation worker.  I also called our watcher with Social Services.  (the person from Social Services who is keeping an eye on the case)  Since her voicemail isn’t setup, I had to draft an email. In reality, I don’t mind sending email.  I prefer that in a lot of ways because it leaves a trail and lets us hold people to their word. It also allows people to hold me to my word.

Reaching out to the chain of command

We then reached out to the top person at the correction center for youth.  The superintendent guy.

He took my call, I explained the issues, explained the steps that I was trying to take to resolve it, and that we had given all new prescriptions that were filled at the pharmacy since they don’t do that for kids in David’s situation.  In addition, I explained that David continues to be out of compliance and I couldn’t get anyone to help correct it. As well as, I told him about how it’s been two weeks since David had all of his medication. That you can see the agitation in his body.  David isn’t sleeping very well.  He for sure isn’t getting the REM sleep that his body needs.

Possible issues related to medication denial

All of this bodes for problems.  Tentatively, he is due back in court on Tuesday next.  If foster care is the plan, he will have to spend his first month there getting his body attuned to the medication.  Same will happen if he goes to residential care, or another facility placement.  We will see an increase in behaviors related to his mental illness.  He will be easily agitated and angered for no apparent reason.  There will need to be an increased vigilance in those who provide his care.

It’s simple really.  Either give him the medication he was prescribed or tell me how to fix it.  It’s not difficult.

Because medication compliance works two ways.  Please get in compliance with the medication that David needs.

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