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A Sheriff call.

Called the Sheriff tonight. David a couple of weeks ago racked up charges on an iPad. Today a charge showed up from Apple, related to said iPad.  I looked to David. He took off. I called the Sheriff. Before I could get off the phone with dispatch I had two Deputies in my driveway.  David… Continue Reading

Denial, Denial, Denial – Placement just fell through

Well. We were all set to take David to a new facility on Monday. Today, that fell through. Evidently, we haven’t tried hard enough.  We haven’t driven enough miles.  We haven’t tried this program or that. The psychiatrist’s recommendation isn’t enough.  We didn’t try to give up custody to the state. The language that the… Continue Reading

denial, denial, denial. who tried to start a fire

David got caught playing with matches in the bathroom. When I asked him about why he was trying to burn down the house, he said “it would have taken more matches than I had, so I couldn’t do that.” Now he denies trying to do anything of the sort.  He got caught digging in our… Continue Reading

Stormy Lake Weather

We had a storm on the lake this week.  Tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm watch, that kind of thing. I don’t know if it is the weather, the fact that I am at a conference, or what, but David has been in full form. A storm of a different kind. Facebook.  If you are on the… Continue Reading

The truth about David.

We visited David tonight.  He wants to come home.  As much as we want him to come home, home isn’t the best place for him. It isn’t just the Reactive Attachment Disorder. It isn’t just the Autism. It isn’t just the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It isn’t just the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It isn’t just… Continue Reading

I feel bad.

Right now.  this very instant, I feel bad. Not sick, but upset with myself. Why? Because I am looking forward to tomorrow. David goes with his mentor for 6 hours. That doesn’t mean I won’t worry about what he is up to.  Rather it means that I will worry a bit less. I just feel… Continue Reading

calm before a very chaotic storm

Earlier, I wrote to you about David’s explosion of behavior. I looked just now, and that post never published.  I evidently saved it as a draft.  So it will seem like these events are coming back to back, in reality, it has been a couple of hours. We had about 2 hours of calm.  And… Continue Reading

Every Parent of a Mentally Ill Child Has This Fear

I don’t know how it is in most families, I just know in mine, this is our fear.  That David will stop responding to his meds, and then be seen as a threat by law enforcement. Once he turns 18, we will have little ability to ensure that he takes his medications, unless we get… Continue Reading

An open letter to the House Appropriations Committee – ND Legislature

Chairman, Members of the Committee. I am writing this here, because I can’t make it today to testify in person.  I believe in the citizen legislature.  I have to believe that you will read these words. My family adopted a special needs child from our state.  When the adoption was finalized, he was court ordered… Continue Reading