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Home sweet home, again.

1176 miles. From home, to the residential facility and back again.  4 days. The thing about driving.  It gives a person a lot of time to think.  Ruminations about fatherhood, about things that a person might have done differently for David. I keep coming back to one inalienable truth. We did what we had to do.  Not… Continue Reading

Pass day 2.

Well, pass number 2 is in the books.  What can I say? Another success. Since David has school and therapy during the day, I spent the day shopping for clothes for him.  What 13 year old boy doesn’t need new pants on a regular basis.  Although at 4’11” and 79 pounds, it will be a… Continue Reading

upcoming visit to see our son for Christmas

Today, I leave for the community where our son is in a residential facility. It is 500 miles each way.  10 hours by bus.  When you have an auto-immune illness the trip takes twice as long. Frequent breaks are needed.  Lots of rest periods.  If I drive, I take it in two days with a… Continue Reading

Was mental illness Blaec Lammers’ only crime? –

Has society gone too far in de-institutionalization? Prison is not the place for our son to get any sort of help with his mental illness. Do I agree with the parents?  Yes.  They were afraid for their son’s life.  Did he deserve prison for this purchase? Do we pro-actively lock away people because they might… Continue Reading

‘Tis the season

Coming up we have Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. With David being so far away from home, and my health rather precarious, I don’t think that we will make it out there for more a weekend pass.  I have one scheduled for the first weekend in December.  It isn’t much, but it is better than nothing.… Continue Reading

the good stuff

Dear readers, as many of you know through the writings here, David has been in residential placement.  He is on his third major placement and like 10th or 11th minor placement.  Major is facilities where he has stayed for more than 30 days, and minor are all of the others. This past week was a… Continue Reading

This will be my final post on Lost and Tired » Lost and Tired – a farewell and thank you.

This will be my final post on Lost and Tired » Lost and Tired. Dear readers, No this isn’t me closing down my blog.  Our work isn’t yet complete.  This is a farewell to a friend in the blogging and advocacy community. ================== I have known Rob and Lizzie for almost 5 years.  He was… Continue Reading

Desperate Act: Mom Accused of Trying to Kill Autistic Daughter – NBC

Desperate Act: Mom Accused of Trying to Kill Autistic Daughter – NBC By now, just about everyone in the Autism community has heard about this situation.  I have deliberately held off on commenting so that I could process my own feelings about this. I help support a number of families through various groups on… Continue Reading

Some times, we just have to look up.

We are trying to get David to see more positive things in himself. Right now, any time someone pays him a compliment he pushes it away.  We want to get him to be more accepting of compliments.  It also seems that when he starts doing good, he sabotages his own treatment plan.  So in theory… Continue Reading

Treatment plan sabotage

It seems that our son is afraid of moving to another facility.  Keep in mind that there has been no talk of moving him to another facility.  But it is a fear of his. Since his primary changed a couple of weeks ago, he has been in a down hill slide.  Can’t undo the change… Continue Reading