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positive thoughts about David

Met with the team about David today.  Largely, the meeting was positive in nature. Working on the same issues of stealing, and aggression.  Some days it is one step forward and two steps back, but he is working hard.  Can’t ask for more than that right now. They had to make some changes to locks… Continue Reading

a thought about publicity and blogging about my son

there are some who write blogs about their families that do so for the attention and the publicity that they can attain. My blog has never been about getting a bunch of attention.  It has been about our struggles with mental illness in a small child.  It is about our struggle in getting appropriate services… Continue Reading

my child with autism is not a monster

Let us get this straight.  Autism is not a monstrous disorder that makes people into killers. My son with autism is not a monster. My son with autism is highly intelligent. My son with autism is reclusive and at times shy. My son with autism doesn’t handle stimulation well. My son with autism doesn’t handle… Continue Reading

Identity issues

Since David’s placement I have experieced something of an identity crisis. For a long time our lives were all about him.  David did this. David did that. David needs to see his psychiatrist. David needs a different med. David assaulted so and so. David poisoned the dog. David took.  Somedays I am lost without him… Continue Reading

Psych stay again

Working on getting David admitted to psych again. He is throwing up his meds, stealing and refusing meals. He has lost 5 pounds in the last week due to throwing up his meds.  Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

Mr Fingers

We purchased new phones this last weekend. Mr Fingers has managed to take cell phones from two members of the family. We try to ensure that the owner of the phone knows that it isn’t their fault that David (Mr Fingers) took their phone. It happens, nothing we have tried will prevent it. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

#Autism: When teachers are the bullies

I wanted to share this video with you all. This video is by a man named Stuart Chaifetz and is in response to to his son Akian being bullied by his teachers at school. This is so important to watch because Stuart is making this public in order to shine the spotlight on what is happening… Continue Reading

facebook – my archnemesis

facebook.  something so simple causes so much stress in our house. a few weeks ago, David got onto facebook and threatened a classmate of one of his brothers.  So we took away computer priveleges. now, he steals laptops from his sibs to get on facebook.  I have submitted a request to facebook to get his… Continue Reading

password, password, who knows the password

So now it seems that David has started hacking computers too.  He is changing passwords on his brother’s computer.  Time to use a random password generator instead of a dictionary. On the plus side, David starts with his respite care provider tomorrow.  I think that will be very good for him.  Give him some social… Continue Reading