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the next few days are going to be fun!

4062bfa0a115ca5452472219bd9e04d9Well, big sister stopped by with a friend for a couple of minutes.  They didn’t stay long, as David was in tantrum mode.

You see, mom got the bandages removed today, and we just can’t have someone else get more attention than he is getting.

So big sister and friend turned around and left.  I don’t blame them, if I had a chance to get away for a bit, I would do so.

What kicked off the tantrum?  I asked him to clean up his toys and junk in the living room.

Since other people’s stuff was in the area, he reverted to the stand by argument that “I am not supposed to touch stuff that doesn’t belong to me.”

In reality, he is correct, isn’t he?  But…

As I walked away he made some inane comments.  About what I have no idea, and it doesn’t really matter.

So since he knows he is moving to the facility on Sunday, he has declared that the next few days are going to be fun.

He is getting to the point now where he can’t keep track of which lie he told to whom.


Mr Helpful – Mr Evil

Honestly, it is like looking at both sides of a coin. Last night was awful. Full tantrum because he needed to wait to take a shower until his mom had a chance to use the bathroom. Today, he is very solicitous of her needs.  Trying to anticipate things, and helped take her to the clinic… Continue Reading

calm before a very chaotic storm

Earlier, I wrote to you about David’s explosion of behavior. I looked just now, and that post never published.  I evidently saved it as a draft.  So it will seem like these events are coming back to back, in reality, it has been a couple of hours. We had about 2 hours of calm.  And… Continue Reading

he doesn’t care

I spent more than an hour of travel time today talking with David about his behaviors.  About the path that his behaviors are leading him down. And while it felt like he was listening and actually hearing what I was saying to him.  I realize now that he may have been listening, but he doesn’t… Continue Reading

Every Parent of a Mentally Ill Child Has This Fear

I don’t know how it is in most families, I just know in mine, this is our fear.  That David will stop responding to his meds, and then be seen as a threat by law enforcement. Once he turns 18, we will have little ability to ensure that he takes his medications, unless we get… Continue Reading


What is it like to live in fear? Having never lived in a war zone, or been active in a war zone, I can’t say that our experience compares to that. What I can say is this. Living day to day on edge constantly because you don’t know from one minute to the next what… Continue Reading

Happy One Year Placement Anniversary David

Ironically, the day after we receive notice of denial of coverage of services for our son, is the anniversary of his placement at the current facility.  It has been one year since we placed David in a facility 500 miles from home. Today, I am struggling with the stress of not knowing where we are… Continue Reading

update – positive news

Staff called tonight. David was in a good place to talk to me tonight.  When he is manic, it just isn’t a good idea.   David addressed his concerns. Doesn’t want to be there for another 6 months to a year. Thinks that he is being lied to. Doesn’t understand why we aren’t coming out… Continue Reading

upcoming visit to see our son for Christmas

Today, I leave for the community where our son is in a residential facility. It is 500 miles each way.  10 hours by bus.  When you have an auto-immune illness the trip takes twice as long. Frequent breaks are needed.  Lots of rest periods.  If I drive, I take it in two days with a… Continue Reading

A visit to David

Today, I am traveling out to see David. So excited to see the little man.  It has been a month since we placed him out there. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading