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An update on David.

We are still here. has been largely quiet because there hasn’t been a lot to say. That has changed. David’s behavior is becoming more erratic.  The residence has undergone a med wash with him.  A med wash is where they take him off all of his meds and put him on new ones. This… Continue Reading

explain this to me like I am a four year old.

David, has a history of obsessive compulsive behaviors.  Especially relating to electronic devices. David takes cell phones, remote controls, mp3 players.  The people at his school knew this before he started there.  They were reminded of this yesterday.  We discussed this, yesterday.  Why then would you leave your purse or cell phone where it is… Continue Reading

Heart is breaking… for David.

Today, we participated in an IEP meeting for David.  Every time we meet, it is with the hope that good news and progress will be noted.  Today, not so much. David is evidently determining for himself when he wants to be in school.  If he doesn’t want to be there, he leaves the building and returns… Continue Reading

Celebrated Christmas with David at the PRTF

We spent the day with David.  He got to open his presents from us, and we opened our presents from him.  It was a good day. the facility has apartments for families to utilize when they are visiting.  As a result, we spent the day in a home like environment rather than in the more… Continue Reading

Psych stay again

Working on getting David admitted to psych again. He is throwing up his meds, stealing and refusing meals. He has lost 5 pounds in the last week due to throwing up his meds.  Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

Mr Fingers

We purchased new phones this last weekend. Mr Fingers has managed to take cell phones from two members of the family. We try to ensure that the owner of the phone knows that it isn’t their fault that David (Mr Fingers) took their phone. It happens, nothing we have tried will prevent it. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

Book concept

Working on book development. Topic is: Securing your home from within Why?  Sometimes when you have a special needs child, the parent needs to lock down part or all of the house to prevent the child from hurting themselves or others. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

vacation and missing my kids

So here I am.  500 miles from home. Have a hotel room all to myself.  and I can’t sleep. I miss David.  I am usually awake until around 4am because of him.  According to my body it is only 2:30 am.  Another hour a half to go before my body gives in and shuts down… Continue Reading

Life, Liberty and the use of a computer

It’s in the past. That is how David responds when we try to talk to him about the threats that he made toward that individual on facebook. “I don’t want to talk about it, because it’s in the past.” It was last Wednesday February 29.  Just because it is in the past doesn’t mean we… Continue Reading

say it again, with feeling

I find myself repeating everything I say to David.  Don’t, Don’t, Don’t do that. Don’t do this… Don’t touch the computer without permission, don’t touch the tv without permission.  Don’t touch the Wii without permission. You are not allowed on facebook.  Over and Over and Over again.  Yet, each morning I get up and when… Continue Reading