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buttons, buttons, who has the buttons?

Well, I am either looking for my remote control or I am trying to figure out how to prevent our youngest from pushing every button he can find to anger everyone in the house in one night. He is ten years old.  He created a facebook account, and we figured that as long as it… Continue Reading

Calgon take me away… alas it is an exercise in futility

It has been a day already. David was up at 7.  he went to bed at 11 last night, but was up and down all night long. Since then he has been as busy as Roger Rabbit.  Zip from here to there.  When he is like he was last night, it is hard to sleep.… Continue Reading

quiet riot and mr cavelier

Seems odd to be in the city with my bride and not having any children with. I miss them but am also enjoying the time away. Visiting second hand stores, I am amazed at how the prices are on used stuff! One would think that they would generate just as much income of the moved… Continue Reading

if I pull any more hair out, i’ll be bald

David is in full form tonight.  He is all wound up and attention needy.  Which means that he will do whatever it takes to get attention. Positive or Negative. Now, some people say “ignore him”. Easy for you to say, you don’t live with him 24/7.  When he gets like this the other kids hide,… Continue Reading

Rockin’ round the library

Well today mom and I took David to the library and then the grocery store.  The library was uneventful, which is always a joy, other than the 20 dollars in fines that the kids wracked up, everything was good. At least we know they are reading… Being a small town of less than 1800 people,… Continue Reading

alls quiet on the western front

Things are good today. I am exhausted for some reason probably related to my Lupus and fibro.  But otherwise things are good.  David is behaving himself quite nicely, and playing one of his spelling games.  I challenge him to create 4 letter words instead of three letter words.  So far he is exceeding my expectations.… Continue Reading

how do you do it each day?

Each day moves forward without prompting. We start when the rest of the kids leave the house.  8am – four kids off to school. 8:30 breakfast and clean up 9:00 play time 9:30 exercise period 10:00 study math 10:30 break 11:00 spelling lessons 11:30 – 1 lunch 1pm grammar and reading. 1:30pm. done for the… Continue Reading

winner, winner chicken dinner

Today has been fabulous for our youngest. No behaviors this morning and now we are waiting at the doctor’s office and he is calmly sitting here waiting his turn. No fidget’s no running around, just watching other people interact with each other (which as I explain later can be kind of creepy). This rocks. Even… Continue Reading

Today, tomorrow, yesterday

I am in class today, Partners in Piolicymaking. If you advocate for yourself or anyone else, you really should see about enrolling in Partners. I was reading a quote today, “You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.” – Charles Ketterling The way I see it is our… Continue Reading