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assault in a high school

my daughter has been bullied at her school all year. Today we are in the ER because she got hit hard enough that she blacked out. We are going to file assault charges against the school. And who ever did this. We have told the school about the bullying issue before. Evidently they don’t take… Continue Reading

don’t feel stupid yet? they think we are…

When my wife came home from work and checked her personal email, she discovered a copy of the prior written notice had been emailed to her.  And evidently it had been emailed to me as well.  To an account that I never use to communicate with the district.  Very frustrating. As to the content of… Continue Reading

>definition of bully and harassment – a letter to the superintendent

> Mr NAME REDACTEDThank you for speaking with me.  We need to speak further regardingthis matter. ===========================This is the definition of harassment.ha·rass·ment [huh-ras-muhnt, har-uhs-muhnt] Show IPAnounthe act or an instance of harassing,  or disturbing, pestering, ortroubling repeatedly; persecution: She sued her boss for sexualharassment. This is the definition of bullying.bul·ly1  [bool-ee] Show IPA noun,… Continue Reading

>saw my daughter

> Saw my daughter tonight. she looks and sounds so much better than she did on Wednesday. She asked me if I was disappointed with her. We talked about how I am always telling the kids to talk about and be honest about their feelings. I asked her how I could be disappointed in her… Continue Reading


>I am going to rant. Bullying is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated like small pox. When a child talks of hurting themselves because of the behaviors of a few, it is a community issue.  Everyone in the community needs to get involved in working toward a solution. My family is affected by this.… Continue Reading

>an incident in school.

> my 12 year old, who has high functioning Autism, was provoked with pinching and name calling on Friday to a point where he struck another student. the other student was his best friend. They have an on and off relationship. my son knows it isn’t right for people to fight like that. He also… Continue Reading