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Off to college

Participating in orientation for our eldest daughters college enrolment. Information overload.

Here is a tip: Don’t offer the participants food and drink and then take them into a room where that food and drink isn’t allowed. Also, if you have participants using assistive technology to get around, give them time to get from point A to point B.

Section 2 – About a Father

In order to understand this post, you should read part 1 first. ===================== I was captivated by the lady at my side.  The one I was asked to take to the party.  Absolutely captivated. My job was a seven day a week gig delivering newspapers. roughly 2,000 papers a night.  Double that on Sundays.  So… Continue Reading

a most magical, amazing day and other stuff

Today was incredible.  Limited arguments from the youngest. By limited, I mean less than 5.  Very nice day. Spent some time working on household chores, dishes and what not.  Laundry can wait a day.  Seems like it never ends anyway. Setup my sewing area in the living room.  While it would be nice to have… Continue Reading