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Section 2 – About a Father

In order to understand this post, you should read part 1 first. ===================== I was captivated by the lady at my side.  The one I was asked to take to the party.  Absolutely captivated. My job was a seven day a week gig delivering newspapers. roughly 2,000 papers a night.  Double that on Sundays.  So… Continue Reading

Section 1 – About a father

Thinking of my family at this late hour.  It is 1am here.  2am back home. I am on vacation and can’t sleep.  All but one family member is at home in Casa de Familia. I was working a night job delivering newspapers.  One night I happened to deliver to a business that had an old… Continue Reading

Life with a klepto part 1

Life with someone who compulsively takes things that don’t belong to them can be difficult.  Constant vigilance is the key to maintaining your sanity.  What happens when even constant vigilance doesn’t prevent the theft? Four hours of tension.  Aunt’s keys went missing last night or early this morning.  They were discovered missing at noon.  4… Continue Reading

Missing in Action ~ all part of learning

The last week has just been crazy in our house.  It all started with David threatening to kill someone on his brother’s facebook account, and it snowballed from there. So what have we learned here? We learned that kids can hide pills in their mouth, under the tongue, in the lower cheek area near the… Continue Reading

Life, Liberty and the use of a computer

It’s in the past. That is how David responds when we try to talk to him about the threats that he made toward that individual on facebook. “I don’t want to talk about it, because it’s in the past.” It was last Wednesday February 29.  Just because it is in the past doesn’t mean we… Continue Reading

Calgon take me away… alas it is an exercise in futility

It has been a day already. David was up at 7.  he went to bed at 11 last night, but was up and down all night long. Since then he has been as busy as Roger Rabbit.  Zip from here to there.  When he is like he was last night, it is hard to sleep.… Continue Reading

and so ends the great debate

Our youngest son David loves to argue.  Everything for him is something that can be debated. Tell him that he needs to clean up his kleenex, and he will tell you why he can’t do it, and he might use something you said yesterday to him as an excuse.  Tell him he needs to eat… Continue Reading

Parent Teacher Conferences. fear or bravery?

I don’t dread parent teacher conferences for any of my kids.  Mostly because we keep such close touch with their teachers that we aren’t surprised when conferences roll around.  This doesn’t occur with our youngest though since we are home schooling him. Before this Spring, the teachers would quake in fear when they saw my… Continue Reading

facebook and my pre-teen

Well, my pre-teen has signed up for a facebook account again. What to do… ? Well, we did a couple of things. reset the password add a second email to the account. (whenever he tries to change the password, I get notified.) the only way he gets to use the account is if an adult… Continue Reading

Let Whitney Houston rest in Peace – to the hatemongers

Can’t argue that she had it and lost it. But she was human too. She leaves behind a family. How would you like it if someone made the same comment about you on the day you died? Oh wait, you wouldn’t mind, because you would be dead.. but your family would have to listen to… Continue Reading